About Us

Operating since 1928 in Winnipeg, Canada

MWG specializes in the design, development and custom manufacturing of premium western wear. MWG Apparel has been designing and manufacturing classic western styles since 1928.
MWG Apparel has long served Western Canada, the United States and rural communities around the world with timeless, high-quality designs. MWG has a long history supporting local rodeos and stampedes, developing close connections with our customers to ensure our designs and quality meet and exceed their standards.
MWG ensures that all fabrics, components and design specifications included in the manufacture of our garments are of the highest quality. Our standards are extremely high, as we aim to deliver the most comfortable, most durable and most stylish western shirts, jackets and jeans to our customers.

MWG Apparel is able to meet, maintain and surpass the quality standards of regulatory bodies such as the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) and those of the most demanding customers. MWG Apparel Corp. has been unionized under the auspices of Workers United, Local 459 since 1947.
Canadian General Standards Board Certification
Certification provides the assurance that all the components including fabrics, thread and fastening systems have been tested by third party accredited labs and have met the criteria for protection CAN/CGSB 155.22-2014 (Fireline Workwear for Wildland Firefighters). Only components that have had the lab test reports verified by CGSB on an annual basis can be deemed to be listed as certified.

Canadian General Standards Board Certification